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Thursday, April 24, 2008

An impromptu trip to Melbourne

Having one of this trip is so fun!
Planning on the last minute trip to Melbourne with my cousin on Friday.
Booked a flight down to Melbourne on Monday night.
As soon as we arrived in Melbourne we realized that we've not booked any accommodation.
So we walked around the city of Melbourne until we finally found a backpacker's inn on Franklin St.
Didn't really do much in Melbourne' visited Skydeck, Crown Casino and the best was meeting up with my friends (Steph, Kenneth and Janet thanks for taking up your free time to meet me).

There's a place which sells awesome hot dogs near the Fed Square. It's a must try! Super delicious! and of course thanks to Steph for bring us there. (and of course thanks for that delicious strawberry tart too!) :)

Kenneth - thanks for the pinot noir! I promise you that I'll inform you before i come down to Melbourne, no more last minute. :)

Janet - even though it was a short meet up, thanks for stopping by to have a little chat!

Thanks you all! :)

me, steph and leon

Well Leon, should we should plan our next trip to either to Sydney or Gold Coast?

(Steph - when's the euro trip? :P)