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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lock and load!!

wah!! 1st "war" is near. damn nervous but can't wait to get over and done with all my 3 wars!!
well better get back to my chores - shine my boots and AK-47 with my toothbrush! Hehe..
God, please be with me till the end!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Christy's Farewell Party

Well..this christy is not the christy chung model, but is an exchange student from HK. well even though I hardly know her very well, but I know that she really an outgoing person, likes to social and party hard..haha..well all the best to u, christy! everyone in Adelaide gonna miss good luck!! Oh thanks for the party at your house! Have a safe trip back!

The HK trios: (l-r) Amanda, Thomas and Christy

(l-f): Thomas(HK), Kevin(KR), and Amber(HK)
Keven is really a good cook!

Thomas and me wif the small kangaroos

the asians! eh where are all the ah-mo? we forgot to ask them to be in the pic..:P

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pizza and liquor party!

Finally, everyone have finish their assignments! So, last nite we decide to have a small party at Justin's house. Seven boxes of pizza, a bottle of absolut vodka (blackcurrent), chivas regal, ribena, and half a dozen of hahn beers on the table. Eating, drinking and laughing away. After all the pizzas have finish, we decided to have a movie marathon. Watched Honey, Scary Movie 4 and Underworld: Evolution. Halfway watching Underworld, some people are already sleeping..haha.. i wonder why? is it because of the liquor? tired? or laugh too much? was a fun nite. The party ended up, each person had a shot of chivas before we left Justin's house (Oi, chivas is meant to drink slowly, people!!). Oh, wait! I forgot some of us went to Hungry Jacks for ice-cream! Eating ice-cream, where the temperature was 10 degrees..we are a bunch of mad people. Nearly had brain freeze! well, here are some pictures. Pictures describe a thosand words.

oh, before i end this post. I wanna take this opportunity to wish Lesley Tang a wonderful Happy Birthday!! May all your dreams come true! Have a fruitful year! :)