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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some Life...

Yes...yes...i know tat i've not been updating my blog. But will do more often this time, since i'm quite free. I'll try to make my blog more interesting...hehe...:)

This entry I've done it quite some time ago, but didn't manage to post it up..hehe..:P

Anyway, sometimes i feel that i've been devoting more and more of my time to the internet where i can do so many stuffs like; web surfing, email, chatting, and mailing lists and reading online news. It's not like i don't like spending time on the internet, but i just realise that most of the things i do relates to internet. From my time on the internet, I have come to know about more things, issues and gained more general knowledge than ever before.

Other than that, by reading other people's blog or diaries, can be a source of influence. Well, i don't how, but it could. By looking at it, what can we see? As the impact of the internet grows more and more, reaching more and more people, and from there people start spending a larger proportion of thier time on the internet. In the end, people will only use the internet to satisfy all thier social needs. And with webcams and video-conferencing becoming common place. Isn't this good...I mean is really convenient for everyone. But as for the bad side of it, everyone will be lazy and won't do social (physical) activities like, going out for a "yamcha", or swimming, or an outing. I'm just imagining that maybe in the future, will there be any routine chatting as in face-to-face social? Fear to think about it. Hopefully, that face-to-face social still remains, and would not lead to an extint.

Till then...:)

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!! Celebrating 48th Independence Day!!!