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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Catching Up...

Catching up with good old frens couldn't be better. Its on rainy Wednesday, almost 1pm where i met up with Vasesit, Vasanth and Fabian at some lotus mamak stall somewhere in jalan gasing. We sat and chat and have some crazy talk about ghost and all...Fabian was on holiday from Ukraine, Vasanth and Vasiest have not been meeting up for along time. So, there's tons of stuff to chat and laugh about. Even we chat online but meeting up face-to-face is better, cause we tend to forget how does he/she look like..but yes even there's a webcam to make it convenient..but sometimes the connection is darn laggy and end up making a person damn frustrated.

So, meeting up is least u can see the hand language, and how a person express thier feeling into a conversation. Anyway, having best friendships are the one where months or years can pass and the conversation still flows without awkwardness of reserve, like picking up a half-read book and knowing exactly where you left off. Catching up with an old good friend is a good wat to get perspective on where your life is heading.

After having breakfast with Vaseist, Vasanth and Fabian; we went to Jaya Supermarket at Section 14, P.Jaya. Fabian wants to do little of shopping before he goes back to Ukraine...
So, we enter Reject we help Fabian to decide his clothes...after getting all clothes..obviously we people will have to try it on in the changing room...and guess wat?? It was a coincidence that i brought my camera with with the help of Vaseist, we took picture of him, while he's changing..:) Here are some pictures of him...:P

yup...these are all the pictures that are taken by Vaseist..haha..its offence, ya Fabian?? Hehe..:)

Ok...after Fabian has purchase all of his clothes. We decided to go home, cause Vaseist has appointment with Jimmy, and Vasanth and Fabian has to go back for lunch. My car parked outside the shopping complex, so i decided to "tumpang" Vaseist's car so that he could drop me at my car. (Ohh...Take note!! Vaseist can finally drive!!!! Congrats, Vaseist!!!..haha..) Anyway, while we on the way out of the car park, Vaseist nearly went out using the entrance of the car park...and that's dangerous..luckily there's no car...Phew!!!..Ok, that's not so bad yet. Not long after that, his car went over a divider while his front bumper scraped off the we get down and saw that the cap of his tyre came off, and the floor was badly damage..hehe..
Here are some pictures at the scene:

I pity the car and the floor..and not the driver..hehe..Damn you carefully la..heheh..:P Anyway it was is first i don't blame him so much.:P

So, after Vaseit drop me off at my car, we took group pictures in the car.

Hope to hang out with you guys soon! Oh, Fabian have a safe flight back to Ukraine.Peace man!!
Take care, guys!!!