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Friday, August 17, 2007

Bacon and Egg in the morning

Well...i know that having bacon and egg once in awhile for breakfast is good for you. However, not an early breakfast which is at 3 in the morning! It all started when Rudi (my housemate) wanted to eat something, and i suggested and offered him an apple, indomie, cereals. And his response? "Apple? I prefer strawberry", "We ran out of indomie!", "I don't want to eat cereals!" I want to eat bacon and egg! I told him that we don't even have bacon!

So, he suggested to call Disa (a friend) who was finishing up her assignment at uni. Asking her to buy bacon for him from Coles! Surprising an hour later Disa came to our house with bacon! And we actually cooked and ate bacon and egg! Of course, the bacon with onion and egg taste yummy! But seriously... after having bacon and egg can make you high! we practically and literally high! like a drunk person. Laughing at no reason. Jumping around. Talking loudly. Kicking the soccer ball in the house! Playing hide and seek! Right after Disa finish eating and left our house, Rudi went into his room. And i entered into his room, and find out that he switched off his room light and he was on the bed! so fast went to bed! well, he's still laughing and smiling on his bed! and for no reason, i suddenly went and scare him by leaping onto him (just running towards him and stopped in front of him). wah i felt that i was on cloud 9! well..we both agreed that we are high after eating bacon and egg!

so left his room, and here i am trying to convince you all out there - try not to eat bacon and egg at 3 in the morning. the consequence after eating bacon and egg that early in the morning? High!
well, its good experience! Now i better get some sleep for tomorrow's class at 2pm! sigh...

Good night everyone! i hope i don't even dream of bacon and egg in my sleep. :P