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Monday, January 23, 2006

A Trip to Phuket!

On the 21st of December, Alice and me went to Phuket for holiday. It was a great trip and we had so much fun together even though it was raining almost everyday. We paid RM200 just for 30 minutes of snorkelling due to strong current. However for that short amount of time we saw so many beautiful fishes and corals. The water was clear! Clearer than Malaysia's seas! Well I dun knoe about Redang because I've not been there. We saw wild monkeys roaming around the beach and we even saw a monkey drinking Sprite from the glass bottle!

Normally people go to the beach to get tan, play and run around the beach or even to swim in the sea, but we went there end up covering ourselves with jacket and towel because it was so cold due to profound wind. We dare not walk around the beach so we end up sitting at one spot eating Pringles! It was hilarious!

We went to FantaSea; it's like a circus but not actually a circus. Well, I don't know how to expalin it! But it was nice to watch, where there were so many performers including animals performing some acts. The animals were so smart! Some how they can coordinate the animals to go from one place to another! So cool! And i did not know that taking pictures of elephants and with them can be so nice!

There was one day Alice and me went to the shooting range. We actually hold a real gun! Alice was using a .38 calibre and I was using a .45 calibre. I didn't know that Alice look good with a gun. Maybe she was dress to kill! Haha..

On the last night, we decided to take a stroll down the streets of Patong. It was quite happening there were so many pubs and clubs even though they were small. And YES! We actually saw many "aquas" or transvestite, and they're actually quite pretty..Haha..

On the whole we really enjoyed our trip! It was fun, silly and exciting! We'll cherish this trip forever!

Alice! Our Next trip will be GOLD COAST!! Get ready!! :)