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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Silly Fishing

Last Sunday me and Phillip went fishing to a nearby pond after teaching swimming. The pond used to be a mining pool, so we just try our luck to catch some fishes. We heard that some people actually caught some fishes as long as 2 feet. It was a great day to go fishing. Yearite!!! At 4pm in the afternoon?!?! Is darn bloody hot and the sun was scorching!!! I don't know what make us to do something silly as this! Maybe we are too bored while waiting for our next class. Luckily the pond was just opposite the swimming pool where we teach.

We found a nice spot to fish, even though there's no shade over us. Sigh. While we were fishing, one of the security guard from the swimming pool was walking towards us. He told us that there were 2 people drown to death in the pond. It was freaky. So, we decided to fish for another 20 minutes. Well, it turn out that not even 10 minutes we left the pond, cause we couldn't stand the heat!

The sad part was we waited for so long at the pond, and went back empty handed. We were cursing all the way back to the swimming pool. But it was funny and had a "good" experience!

I think when people ask us why our skin complexion is so tan, instead of answering because we teach swimming; we'll say because we are so silly enough to fish under the sun at 4pm! Whereas we could jolly go to the fishing centre and pay RM8, where there's shade and DEFINITELY there are FISHES!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Fantastic Lunch With...

Yesterday, me and two other friends of mine was honoured that we was invited to have lunch with the Assistant Programme Director of UTS, Ms. Francina. It was really nice of her to ask us out for lunch. And guess what! We had lunch in Secret Recipe! Woohoo!!! We chitchat and laugh aloud about so many things. We notice that a lot of people were staring at us and realise that we are the loudest group. After we ate our main course, we were still hungry and quickly order some cakes (try eating Chocolate Indulgence – its super delicious!!!). When we were about to finish eating those delicious cakes, Ms. Shirley (a student services officer) saw us and came in! She wanted to “chee chan” with us! But she ended up eating alone so she left, and we decided that next time we call her out for lunch also.

We were so full after eating those cakes and it’s time to call the bill. When the bill came, to our surprise Ms. Francina said that she’ll pay everything. WOW!!! She “belanja” us!!! Hardly you get a staff such a high post, treating lunch to students. Therefore, we were lucky and pleased! After the lunch, Ms. Francina left us for work and we went to do our own stuff.

Thank you, Ms. Francina!!!

Mourning Week

Last week was gloomy and mourning week for me. My aunt passed away, and she’s one of my closest aunts. I went for her funeral, and saw her sleeping serenely in her coffin. I was really sad but wasn’t crying. However, each time this particular group of musicians play a sad song, I started to cry even though I tried to stop it but I couldn’t.

Its time for the procession; me, my family and other relatives followed behind the coffin until the end of the road and quickly got into out vehicles and continue to pursue it to a graveyard called Nilai Memorial Park. This graveyard is really beautiful and very peaceful.

While at the graveyard, we witness the burial of her body. It was really heartbreaking, especially my aunt’s immediate family. She was kind and caring, where she always looks after my mum and the rest of the family (her siblings) without fail. Losing her was a great lost for all of us. We will always remember her! After the burial, every family went separately in their own way with a profound heart.

Life is so fragile, like a piece of glass being shattered easily. It’s pain to see our loved ones passed away. So, always cherish and appreciate in everything they do for us, because you’ll never know when they’ll leave us!