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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SoNg Of ThE wEeK

Psycho le Cemu

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm free...

At last, i finished my first and last paper today! Even though i enrolled 4 subjects, but i only have to sit for my International Management Ethics and Values final paper today! I don't how well i did, but I i manage to answer all of them, hope they are all correct. :) What can you talk about ethics and values? There is so many things to talk about, especially when you're talking nonsense! But well, only results can tell. My as well have to wait and see... :) Wish me all the best! :) But for now, its time to sit back and relax, enjoy the hot weather in Adelaide. Nah! its mad here, the temperature is darn high! 35 degrees in the afternoon and 29 degrees in the nite! And its still in the middle of spring! so freaking warm!! Must think twice of going out! Higher chance of getting a sunstroke! I think I am gonna spend most of my time watching movie at home while drinking a bucket full of cold drinks! :P Well, let see how things go...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

i miss you

i miss you...

everything about you
means so much to me
every moment
i think of you
what are you doing
how was your day
hope that you're enjoying your day

i go to sleep
i hugged the pillow
so that i would not feel lonely

looking at you
in pictures
talking to you
either on the
through the
makes me happy

i can't wait
see you when i get back
but at the same time

I miss you dearly, babe.
have a great day!
hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SoNg oF tHe WeEk

High and Mighty Color

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ken's Birthday

I know Ken's birthday was long over due..however all of us here are busy, either finishing our last minute assignments or preparing for finals. So, im taking little bit of my time off to post up on past events..Ken's birthday was held at my house since there are 2 cooks in my house who are willing to cook dinner for all of many of us? i think it was 11 of yeah..the dinner's main course was yummy but little bit salty..keke..however the home-made cake was nice..and dessert was ice cream with melted caramel. Yummy! hehe..:) And after dinner we all head to Hungry Jacks for ice cream! yay!! Here are some pictures...

top: thomas, kevin, ken, justin
bottom: me

top: li wen, mei ting, jwo wen, belle, alice, june
bottom center: ken

ken and june

ken the birthday boy..ahem..birthday guy..:P

top: jwo wen, june, mei ting, alice
bottom sitted: belle, li wen, hye-min
Oi!! is tat my pillow, tat just fly across?!?!

standing: li wen, june, belle
sitted: hye-min, alice, mei ting, jwo wen

top: thomas, mei ting, alice, jwo wen, li wen, belle, june, hye-min
sitted: me, ken, justin

next post: mei ting's and my birthday!

SoNg of the WeEk (06 Nov 2006)

Ello - Pergi Untuk Kembali

This week's song will be in Malay language. For the first time i posting a malay song..:) Being patriotic once in awhile really feels great. Miss home!