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Monday, May 28, 2007

*cool* + *yawn*

drove GTST!! woohoo, darn bloody fast!!
just handed up Resource Management assignment,
stayed up the whole nite to finish it
sigh..darn tired..
class at 4pm

2 more assignments to go!!!
due next week!!
Final Exam!!
20th June - Integrated Logistics Management
21st June - Strategic Management
22nd June - Resource Management and Supply Chain Management

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Disa!!!

Well it was Disa's birthday last tuesday.
I know its kinda of late to post this up,
but its because i was waiting to receive some pictures taken on that nite.
It was some huge and funny celebration at Mongkok Restaurant!!
The Birthday Girl!!

Maha?! why ru digging mirza's nose?!? search for gold???

Rudi - looks mature, but with a kid's attitude

romantic "couple"
what the?!?!

The blacks

some random pic

the whole gang!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Unknown hip J-song

This is some nice Jap song.

I don't know who is the singer nor the name of the song.

Can't read the Jap, can anyone tell me who's the singer and his song?

its a nice song. Enjoy! :)

キンミライ -  ナイス橋本

Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Wake Up Call"

Been fully awaken by Marilyn
all the sudden broken down and sad person,
who recently "broke-up" with her bf.
with a shocking question being thrown at me,
how do u feel about me?
with my jaw drop down, touching the ground,
thinking to myself

is this really marilyn?

after putting much thought on how to reply her,

i replied,

"well, treat you as a dear friend of mine whom i trust"
and "she" said,

"i'm lil' bit lonely and depressed"
and with full of worries,
i asked,
"are you alright? is there anything i could help?"

another shocking statement thrown at me,
"there's nothin you could do, only if you could be my bf"
i was like in total shock!

is this really marilyn?

being a head coach for the selangor team, who can bre really fierce, strict, and frigthening!

asking me; who used to be as her assistant coach, to be her bf?


and all the sudden the next reply send to me was,

"Hahaha!! Chill out!!"

i was like,


"Lionel and Wei Sze here la"
I was pranked!!!

in a way i was kinda of relief, but quite embrassed and mad! was a good prank by Lionel and Wei Sze

I nearly gave in!

apparently the prank was set up by Lionel, and Wei Sze does is laugh at me!

hahaha...good one guys!!

I will not forget this day!!

very funny, aye?!? :)

(*the above are the highlighted conversation, in between there are more, so for more details you can asked either Lionel or Wei Sze)

Well, i miss you guys and the rest! Hope to come back soon to visit you guys!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007







still have to put on my thinking cap do my assignments!!

and my finals' schedule is out (3 days in a row) !!

arghh..have to start studying too...

so little time...

so much to do.