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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday. Yea, Happy Birthday to me! Now where are my presents?!?! :P Anyway, even though it was my 21st birthday, it still feels any ordinary birthday that I've had. It was good that I've celebrated with my parents at a Japanese restaurant somewhere in Phileo Damasara last Sunday and yesterday cut cake at home. I did receive presents from my granny and parents (Thank you! Love you!). However I feel that something was missing, something was not right. Somehow felt depressing. My heart was still not satisfied. I don't know what was omitted, until yesterday night. Anyhow, a few minutes before I set my msn messenger status to away and went to bed, I felt delightful and pleased because I had a serene and yet amusing conversation to the person that I love the most. And to that person - Thank you for everything! Love you and see you soon! Take care! :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Different Enviroment

Today I have to wake up at 0615 to get ready to coach some swimmers at the Australian International School. Well, Henry said that it will be quite a big group so I assume the number of swimmers will be around 12 to 15 swimmers. As soon as I got there, I was surprised and out of my expectaions; I have to coach around 23 swimmers. That's alot! I was shocked and nevertheless majority of them are Caucasians, and I've not being strict with them when they were not being serious towards the programs that I've given them. Furthermore this has made me feel miserable as though I was not doing my job as a coach. Maybe it's the enviroment or most probably I'm just not used to shouting or scolding at people - especially towards Caucasians. However, I did gain a good experience out of it. Hence, one day I'll get used to it, and will be more stern.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Inspired by a Song

I've been listening to this particular song, Home by Michael Buble. This song really reflects on my thought which has always been on my mind. After looking at the lyric to this song, I was surprised and thought to myself that this is how I've always been feeling. This is how I feel...

Is just a day, like any other day and no matter where I am even I'm surrounded by many people, I feel alone and all I want to do is just want to go "home". Home here meaning where my heart really belong to and feel comfortable with. So, where I really belong to, is not my own house but is together with my girlfriend, where I feel so comfortable.

I really miss her alot. Due to long distance relationship we are connected by meeting through online and chat or having a video conversation or send snail mail. With all this chatting and writing, does not do good cause all my words were cold and flat. What I want is to be with her always, where she really deserves it.

I really want to be with her always, but I can't cause she's already working, and I'm still studying while she's waiting for me and always believe that in the end, I'll be with her after I graduate. Right now, is as though like I'm living a temporary life, waiting to go "home" badly. But after I'm done with this temporary life, I'll DEFINITELY AND PROMISE that I'll be alright and go "home" where I belong together with my girlfriend. Ending as everything will be alright.

Love you, Alice!