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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Holiday in Sydney

This year’s Easter holiday was the best ever. Went to Sydney spend the holidays. Met up with my UTS course mates, swimming friends and CPU friends. It was nice to catch up some stuff with u guys. :) My so-called “tour guides” took me around, and it was great. Really had so much fun. Sydney was so nice, that it gave me the inspiration to transfer my credits back to UTS again. Hehe…Practically Sydney has everything, compared to Adelaide, except that Sydney has lots of noise and air pollution..Haha..but what the heck, we only live in this world once, so enjoy life la! Haha..Thanks for the fun and memories, guys. I really enjoyed my stay in Sydney. So where is the next meet up? Gold Coast? Lesley must be giggling now..Haha..Well, pictures below say it all. Enjoy!

we the hangovers had a really great time ("yamcha") on the rooftop of The Quadrant (UTS Housing)

Hanging out in the night at Bondi Beach after dinner at Hurricane's

Dinner at Pancakes on the rock!

Expensive Snack at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe but its worth it!

Pictures from the ferry and a picture of a huge cruise called Pacific Princess (lovely)

At Max Brenner's Chocolate shop eating choc waffle and choc vondue.~fattening~:p

Pictures of the Bondi Beach (beach was empty due to cold wheather) :P

Delicious foods at Hurricane's

Pictures at the Royal Easter Show

Some pictures near Darling Harbour and a picture of Seafood Platter for 4..yum-yum..:P

Sydney's Opera House behind us

Melvin, Lesley, Kathy, me and Leonard at Manly Beach

Sydney's night scenery

left to right: Kathy, Mei Yan, Jenny, i forgot her name,sorry; Khay Yan, Lesley, Me and Leonard at a club which i forgot what's the name, but they play lousy songs..haha..

MASA Games somewhere in Sydney Uni. - so pondan name Dominic getting ready to play Netball, while Ming Yow looks on

University of Sydney

Inside University of Sydney some water fountain and a picture of Melvin and me inside the Grafftti cool!