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Monday, May 29, 2006

Cold morning

Hey there people!

Today is so freaking cold even though it’s in the morning!! Fuyoh!! Like Genting!! Hehe..its five degrees here!!

(foggy morning in Adelaide city)

Well, finals are just around the corner! So brace yourself people! Its so sad that my first paper start in the 24th June...and only finish on the 1st July…sigh… hmm..its good thing that I plenty of time to study but could not enjoy the hols with frens in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. Sigh. By the time they are done with their paper, im only just starting the first one! Wah!! For crying out loud why does my paper start so late!!..sniff..sniff… People who are sitting their finals very soon, all the best and good luck!! And those people who finish so super early like Stephanie..enjoy life la!! jealous..get to finish early..hehe..:P

I’m gonna prepare for the following “battles” (switch on my *fan toi* mode)
  • 24th June 2006 - Managing Communication in Business
  • 30th June 2006 - Introduction to Operation Management
  • 1st July 2006 - Market Analysis (Marketing Engineering)
I better start choosing my guns and grenades!! :P

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Something to ponder about Alfie's life

Before I begin pondering on Alfie's life, I know how it feels like when all your assignments and seminars are over. Felt awesome good. Felt relieve. Relax. Just about 5pm I handed up my Engineering Marketing assignment which was my last one assignment. Having thoughts about what I am going to do,since I'm done with all my assignment. Study for finals? Yea i know that! But what else? Can't expect me to study 24-7. Since I'm quite free its time to reflect profoundly the meaning of Alfie's life. It's rather interesting. Here it is...

What have I got?
Some money in my pocket.
Some nice threads.
Fancy car at my disposal.
And I'm single.
Free as a bird.
I don't depend on nobody.
Nobody depends on me.
My life's my own!

BUT - I don't have peace of mind.

And if you don't have that, you've got nothing.

So, what's the answer?
That's what I keep asking myself.
What's it all about?
You know what I mean?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Selangor SUKMA Swimming 2006 squad

SUKMA is just around the corner. The nervousness and excitement start to build up. Selangor SUKMA Swimming 2006 squad are preparing for their battle. All the hard training and efforts have put in by both Marilyn and swimmers. All they all ready? They better be! It’s now or never! Just do it! As what Nike’s motto says. Well, me as an ex-assistant coach for team I really do miss the whole team! There was fun and laughter while coaching them, however when there is time to be serious, we were really serious. Well, only not all are serious. I think. Jian Beng?

Jian Beng aka Ah Beng: I don’t think he’s serious. Well just joking. I think he loves the hardcore training, and willing to do extra just for the sake or skipping school!

Stephanie Poh: cute and sweet. BUT cheeky! “Do not judge the book by its cover!” she can really cheat during training but only minimal. :P

Wei Sze: loves pigs! Sometime complaint, however if she push herself, she really can reach to an achievement.

Sin Seanne: can laugh at almost anything. But when she’s moody or angry, stay far from her. Speaks really loud!

Jonathan: everywhere body ache, or sick. But I know he do not wish to have it! Push TOO hard! A joker and the most pimples in the squad. (yea more than Melvin chua).

Kevin: shakes his legs while sleeping! Talks when is necessary.

Wai Long: laughs the loudest!

Wai Jun: laughs the 2nd loudest, but with the highest pitch! (Like a hyena).

Jun Xiong and Lionel: close buddies. The pioneers in the team. Sometime can be very lazy. But very ambitious! DOTA number one!

Hui Jean: the smallest (I think) cute and outgoing. The oldest girl in the team.

Jaclyn: the youngest, and the lightest in the team. Loves listening to Beep by the Pussycats dolls.

Bonnie: quiet and just smile away.

Azlina: the tallest girl in the team. Sometimes can be quite funny. Future world-class breastroker.

Nicola: the “import” swimmer from New Zealand. Very outgoing. She looks mature but actually she’s only 14 years old.

Billie aka Gollum: talks and laughs to herself. can be funny sometimes. Mostly jokes are lame. But nice and sweet girl.

Chun Hoe: stubborn and tallest boy in the team. Hopefully his stroke has improve, and as well as his time! Helpful boy and sometime can be quite charming.
Douglas and Daniel: the new comers. It’s sad that I did not get to coach them. Did not know Daniel well yet. As for Douglas, quiet I presume. Always strive to be the best. The opposite side of David’s personality (Douglas’ brother).

Marilyn aka the head coach and the gangster: funny and an outgoing person. Talks and laugh at almost anything. A cool coach! However, never ever make her mad. Those who have not felt her wrath, feel free to ask to those who have experience it!

Sarjan Ong: kind, nice, and humble person. Need any counselling? He is the right person to seek any assistance.

Last but not least,
Aunt Helen aka The Manager: nice and sweet person to talk to. Handles and take good care of the swimmers and coaches. Never ever compete with her in a jog, she’s good! And of cos the most high-tech aunt, with Bluetooth headset on her ear all the time!

Well hopefully, I did not miss anyone. Well, this entry is dedicated to the Selangor SUKMA Swimming 2006 squad. Good Luck and all the best! Go make Selangor proud! “Selangor Boleh!!”

Selangor SUKMA 2006 squad! Miss u guys!!!