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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson

It have been a shock for all of us in the recent death of the
King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

For me who grew up listening MJ for most of my life,
being a fan of his who has most of his albums and MTVs,
and who admired his great talent,
felt so sad and in disbelieve in his passing.

The news has not sink in me yet.
Its too hard to take it.

We will definitely miss him dearly for his awesome talent,
that no one can be as the best as he is.
He is a legend and will always be.
The one and only King of Pop.

May the Lord bless his soul and rest in peace.

Michael Joseph Jackson
29th August 1958 - 25th June 2009

Saturday, May 09, 2009

A month in Melbourne

Its been a month now since I have arrived Melbourne
Things have been going quite well.
Autumn just kick into the season.
And I have been taking the some pictures of the beautiful surroundings
in Emerald Golf and Country Resort.

To me,
the place is peaceful where you enjoy your time playing golf while enjoy its surrounding
or you could even not play golf and take a slow walk around.

Here are some pictures which I have taken during my lunch break.

This particular picture is taken by Li Zie.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


As of today, I finally own a car!
Honda Civic EG (1993)!
Well, its only 2nd hand car but at least it will bring me to work, groceries and etc.
Pictures will be posted up soon.
(let me go wash up the car first!) :P

Other than that, working is not too bad.
Well, actually its good!
Getting addicted to golf now!
So, Mirza if your reading this. Do come to Melbourne and play golf!
Give you good price to play! :P

So going off now with Rudi to wash our Honda cars! :P

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In Melbourne

Well currently I have move all my stuff into the resort where
I will be both accomodating and working there.
There's no internet for myself yet, except for office's internet.
That's why I have not update this blog yet. :P
Right now I am using Rudi's internet at his home.
Waiting to collect my very own car! woohoo!
Thanks to my Aunt Janis. :)
That's it for now, will update with pictures
hopefully some time soon!
take care!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I am not sure as some of you might not belief that acupuncture really works or not.
But through my first experience of having one yesterday,
it actually do work.

Despite being of scared of needle. :P
The irritating pain occur both on my knees especially on my left knee,
made me decide to see the acupuncture 'sifu'.

I have problem getting up after kneeling, or unfolding my legs can sometimes be quite painful
and each time that I run, pain occurs.

So during that day of the appointment with the 'sifu'
I have been inserted with 4 fine filiform needles into specific points on each knee.
Those needles are left there for 30 minutes, and each knee is being heated up with
some heating device over the needles for 15 minutes.

Well it look something like this,

(note: this is not my leg)

Anyway, after the acupuncture treatment I did not feel any pain
after doing some squats and unfolding my legs.
I have not tried running yet, will leave this matter later as I do not want to hurt my knee again.
Well, in think that acupuncture do really work!
However, I am not sure whether it cure the cartilage of the knee, but it really relief the pain.
And it work every penny I paid! :)

Even this research says that acupuncture do relief the pain: